Your hobbies as an inspiration

Love for the mountains and adrenaline inspired the form of a workroom for one young businessman. In the new house he wanted to have a room for himself, in which he could work undisturbed and use it as a guest room for friends.


    The client did not want to be bound to work at the table only, so the space offers variable options – working desk, bed for rest, chair at the window for reading, or a standing work position that is complemented by a descriptive board.


    There is a raised sleeping floor next to the table that also provides plenty of storage space. At the same time it serves for evening projections of movies or as a guest room for friends.


    The dominant of the room is the wall behind the work desk, where the red rope sets out the outline of the mountains. The individual peaks are decorated with photographs of the succeeded missions.

The playful interior plays an important role for ideas to come up easily. One can better concentrate in a minimalist study, and if your eyes rest on something familiar or pleasant from time to time, it will improve your mood.